15 years later, producer Neal Moritz recalls the beginning of the franchise.

There are people who’ve been with the franchise since the beginning. What was it like putting the cast together for the original film?
I had worked with Paul Walker previously [on The Skulls.] I talked to him early on. Vin, that was the first movie we worked on together, but then we worked on a number of movies together since. Michelle Rodriguez, somebody I’ve done many movies besides Fast & Furious with. I love her. A lot of characters from the beginning, we’ve all stayed in touch. That’s one of the great things about being able to re-release this movie 15 years after it came out for the first time.

I want to watch it on the big screen again. I haven’t watched it on the big screen since the day of the premiere. We’re shooting in Atlanta, and I think we’re all gonna do a cast trip to see the movie when it’s released.



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