3 A.M.

Genre: Crime | Mystery | Romance
Running Time: 92 min.
Release Date: 1 July 2001 (USA)
Director: Lee Davis
Screenplay: Lee Davis
Cast: Danny Glover, Sergej Trifunovic, Michelle Rodriguez, Pam Grier …


The individual stories of three New York City cab drivers; Each tale is linked together by the murder of one of their fellow drivers. Hershey (Danny Glover) a washed up basketball player finds it hard to commit to his waitress girlfriend (Pam Grier); A Bosnian cab driver (Sergej Trifunovic) falls in love with an uncaring bath house girl; And a haunted cabbie (Michelle Rodriguez) teeters on the edge of insanity. This is the cold, hard edge of the New York City streets after dark, revealing the loneliness of cab drivers who must work through the night, and who might pick up the one fare that could be a serial killer!