Tropico de Sangre

Genre: Drama | History
Running Time: 116 min.
Release Date: 2 September 2010 (Dominican Republic)
Director: Juan Delancer
Screenplay: Juan Delancer
Cast: Michelle Rodriguez, Juan Fernández, Sergio Carlo, …


The film focuses on Minerva Mirabal and tells the true story of how she and her sisters came to represent the greatest threat to dictator Rafael Trujillo and his regime. The Mirabal sisters were involved in an underground movement against the government. They were assassinated in 1960 by men under the instruction of the Trujillo regime according to Pupo Roman, although their death was made to appear as an automobile accident. Many citizens were outraged and a few months later Trujillo was assassinated by an ambush led by Antonio de La Maza, who was played by actor Cesar Evora. Antonio de la Maza was killed in turn by a death squad led by Ramfis Trujillo.