Vin Diesel has finally revealed the release date of Fast 8 official trailer.

Fans of “Fast 8” are just few months away from witnessing the trailer of the latest and jaw-dropping instalment of “Fast and Furious” franchise. But “Fast 8” is nowhere near to hit the screens any sooner than 2017. The revelation made by the stars themselves brought high expectation and enthusiasm.

Vin Diesel, the protagonist of the marvel, has teased the release date for the “Fast 8” trailer, on his official Facebook post on Thursday.

He confirmed that “Fast 8” trailer will be out on Dec. 11, 2016. Two days before he posted the photo, he said, “The trailer for F8 is going to blow your mind… You will see why there was tension, you will understand the intensity.”

Brace yourselves for an ultimate showdown, an amalgamation of action filled stunts, beautiful ladies and loads of fights. The eight instalment welcomes new cast into the series including Scott Eastwood, Charlize Theron and Dame Helen Mirren.

The filming has been successfully wrapped up. Unfortunately, fans of Paul Walker have some serious tackling to do as his character won’t be returning in the upcoming “Fast 8.”

Despite the tragic incident that shook Paul Walker’s fans in awe, “Fast and Furious” still carried on to produce its instalments. Paul Walker left this world before the team was able to put a seal to “Fast and Furious 7” production.

However, his roles were continued by his brother. Now, the return of Paul Walker in “Fast 8” is still under discussion.

Even though fans would die to see Paul Walker’s character back in action, Michelle Rodriguez scrapped the possibility of the reappearance of his character.

She maintained that Paul’s daughter was the first one to reject the resurrection of his character. However, most of the main casts will be returning to “Fast 8.”

IB Times reported that Michelle Rodriguez dished out details regarding the upcoming “Fast 8”, saying Charlize Theron will play the role of a villain in the new movie.

The men behind the spectacle, Gary Gray and Chris Morgan, are gearing up for “Fast 8”, which will be released on April 14, 2017.



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