After working with him on the upcoming film “Widows,” Michelle Rodriguez holds director Steve McQueen in the highest regard, telling TheWrap at the Toronto International Film Festival that he has a unique gift that only a precious few she’s worked with have shown.

“He’s a human that has an ability to see potential before it’s brought out,” she said. “It’s the ability of seeing through the veil, and that can shock even the actor that’s being chosen to step up, because it means that person, that individual has an aspect of themselves they might even be afraid of or not even know existed that they’re going to have to pull out, and that’s where people grow.”

In a similar way, the four heroines of “Widows” are pushed past limits they never dreamed they’d cross, with Rodriguez joining Viola Davis, Elizabeth Debicki, and Cynthia Erivo as a quartet of widows whose husbands are killed during an armed robbery. Stricken with grief, the widows decide to press forward and finish the job their significant others had started.

“Widows” hits theaters November 16. Watch Rodriguez’s remarks in the clip above.


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